Hello, and welcome! The Divine Light in me bows to the Divine Light in you.

I am an experienced teacher of therapeutic Yoga and meditation, and the owner and lead guide of Sacred Spiral Adventures in Joshua Tree. I have been practicing intuitive healing most of my life, and further developed this skill through studies and practice in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, physical and subtle anatomy, environmental education, mysticism and the arts. I am a perpetual student of Nature, and hold advanced degrees in poetry, literature, and theory.

I moved to Joshua Tree six years ago for deep healing myself, not knowing a soul, and leaving behind a life in academia. It is a great delight for me to share the joy and peace of Spirit, especially from the desert that has been such a divine gift in my own transformations.

Through this site, I offer custom private sessions and classes in various styles of Yoga, from advanced asana to yoga therapy, and private and group sessions in Intuitive Healing. I teach the practical and natural ability to rediscover and strengthen your Power and Presence, which directly influences spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Intuitive Healing, like Yoga, need not involve asana (poses), although it can; it often involves guided meditation, visualization, and energy readings.

You can find Yoga and Intuitive Healing session booking request forms on this site. I reply to each request personally, as soon as I am able, with availability and a quote for your requested reservation. If you have any any questions, please do not hesitate to write, call, or text: contact@elizabethwyattyoga.com / 207.703.6954.

Sat Nam ~