What is Yoga? And What’s All The Fuss About?


Yoga is an ancient, practical healing system. Regular practice, even a small amount, can help you:

* increase fitness and athletic performance
* combat disease and addiction
* facilitate healing from physical and emotional trauma
* develop confidence
* reduce stress
* improve focus
* stimulate personal growth and change!

Although asana–that is, postures and movement–is a useful and popular component of Yoga, it is only one part of a much larger whole. The word “Yoga” means “yoke,” and Yoga practice provides you with many different tools for unifying and balancing the many diverse parts of the Self–physical, mental, and spiritual.

I approach each person with the intent to meet them where they are, get to the root of what they need, and provide a session or program for healing and growth.

Who Can Do Yoga?

Yoga is for every body–not just bendy gals in stretchy pants! You do not need to be able to tie yourself into a knot to enjoy the benefits of Yoga practice. Conversely, doing advanced poses without internal work may be fun, but it is not Yoga. Practice is not about achievement; it is about practice. Believing that you are too stiff/weak/slow to do Yoga is like believing that you are too thirsty to drink water!

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Sweet Margaux is a dedicated practitioner! Here she is in a purr-fect sphinx pose.

Sometimes we do need guidance or advanced instruction in asana (postures and movement) or pranayama (breath work); sometimes we need help with an injury or condition that is physical, mental, and/or spiritual; sometimes we want to enhance our physical abilities, or trim our waistline; sometimes we just need to step back and de-stress.

Yoga can do all of these things, but not in the way you might expect. Even when practice involves a strong physical element, Yoga is not “working out.” It is working in. 

No matter why you choose to practice, that practice will take you on a journey. Regardless of the level, style, progress, or even purpose of your Yoga, you are right where you need to be.